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Reusable custom grocery bags are a growing trend among consumers concerned about sustainability and reduced waste. Retailers can use custom-printed grocery bags to reach current and new customers. Whenever customers carry a high-quality, custom-printed bag with your company’s logo and name, you’re spreading brand awareness. Custom-printed grocery bags are common free gifts at farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and other retail locations. Whether you choose paper or polypropylene materials, your custom grocery bags can easily advertise your brand as people use them in their day-to-day lives.

Find out all the reasons why custom grocery bags are such an effective, cost-efficient marketing tool for your brand.

Why Custom-Printed Grocery Bags Are Necessary

Every time people buy something from the grocery store or other retailer, they need something to help carry their items to their car or around town. Reusable custom grocery bags are a top choice for this purpose because they are durable enough to last many trips. Customers also pass on these bags to other people, expanding awareness of your brand. The cost of producing and distributing these bags is negligible compared to the ripple effect of marketing impressions your bags will make far into the future.

Here we’ve highlighted the main reasons why custom-printed grocery bags are a necessity in today’s competitive market.

Cheap Advertising

Custom-printed grocery bags are a cost-effective investment. They spread the word about your business by making the people who carry them into brand ambassadors. Whether shoppers use your bags to carry lunch to work or miscellaneous items in the back of their car, they’re advertising your brand. Some shoppers will even give the bags to others by using them as gift wrapping or as a convenient spur-of-the-moment solution. Customers can find a variety of uses for your bags—all you have to do is make the bags.

Building Trust

When people see others carrying your branded bags, it signals that your brand or products can be trusted. The more they see your brand in other people’s hands, the more likely they are to become a customer themselves.

Building Business

By branding your shopping bags with your company’s name, logo, contact details, and other recognizable business information, you can foster customer loyalty and spread brand awareness to new prospects. The bags will keep your brand top of mind for customers and anyone else who sees the bags, building your customer base in an easy and cost-effective way.

Benefits of Custom Grocery Bags

Custom-printed grocery bags offer businesses several benefits, including:

  • Customization: Today’s printing options allow businesses to choose from a wide range of color inks, images, and fonts. Any design is possible, whether you’re ordering shopping bags for your grocery store or stall in a farmer’s market.
  • Fast Turnarounds: Custom printing is faster than ever before. You can order small to large orders of custom bags so you always have the stock you need for customers. Because the orders are quick to complete, businesses can even have seasonal bags that advertise both your store and a current marketing campaign.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Order bags without breaking your marketing budget. Given the long-term marketing benefits of custom bags, the cost to manufacture them is well worth the investment.

Custom-Printed Grocery Bags From BagBarn

BagBarn offers a wide range of different polypropylene and paper bag styles for grocers, farmer’s market artisans, and other business owners. Some of our options include:

  • Kraft Handle SOS: These paper bags come with sturdy handles and fold flat.
  • Kraft Handle Thank You SOS: These handled paper bags come printed with a “Thank You” message.
  • Paper SOS Bags: Paper SOS bags fold flat and come in three options: natural kraft, recycled natural kraft, or white kraft.
  • Food Grade SOS Bags: These are grease-resistant and compliant with food grade standards.
  • Produce Roll HDPE: These bags come in different stock and custom sizes. Each roll is made from FDA- and USDA-approved virgin HDPE film, wound on 3” cores, and can be immediately shipped.
  • T Sak Grocery Bags: These cost-effective HDPE bags can be reused, recycled, and custom-printed with order minimums of 10,000 bags.

Get Your Custom-Printed Plastic Grocery Bags Today!

At BagBarn, we custom-print high-quality bags so you can advertise your brand to new and returning shoppers. Offer your customers reusable bags that make their shopping more convenient while creating a great first impression for your brand. Our product offerings include all-purpose poly bags, industrial

packaging, retail shopping bags, custom plastic grocery bags, and other custom production runs. These bags can be reused and made with degradable additives so that they can be properly recycled if needed. Contact us today to learn more about our customization options, or request a quote for pricing details.

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