Over the years, companies have invested in promotional items — billboards, ads, and television commercials — to market their products to their target consumers. However, these marketing tools could be expensive. 

Fortunately, plastic bag production paved the way for a new form of advertising. Business organizations nowadays highly favor plastic bags due to their high customization features, allowing them to inscribe their brand logo and name on the material. 

Benefits of Using Printed Plastic Bags

Apart from the flexibility, durability, and lightweight quality of printed plastic bags, they also offer the following advantages:

Advertising Tool

Brands could save advertising money by using printed plastic bags. For example, they can print their promotional information on custom plastic bags, which are less expensive than paying for other advertising materials. Through this, they can allot resources to other important business functions.

Brand Awareness

Consumers tend to patronize brands they are familiar with. Thus, it is essential to use tools and techniques that help raise brand awareness and promote brand retention. Printed plastic bags are ideal for marketing since most are reusable, and consumers often see printed information on them — increasing brand recall.

Common Printing Methods for Plastic Bags

Manufacturers produce printed plastic bags through several methods, depending on their target applications. The three common types of plastic bag printing are flexography, screen, and heat press printing. 

Flexography Printing

Typically, flexography printing is used to cater to the mass printing of plastics for commercial use. Since plastic bags are printed in large quantities, companies can save more time and money. Additionally, this method allows the use of multiple colors to create labels and plastic coverings.

In this process, an uncut roll of plastic passes between rollers with an adhesive, impressing the design of the plastic. When the plastic dries, it will undergo another series of rolling for cutting and separation purposes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is more labor-intensive than flexography. This method requires manufacturers to print designs on plastic bags individually by pressing a metal screen. Usually, this technique enables only one color and is ideal for shorter runs of plastic printing.

Heat Press Printing

Plastic bags with thicker material is a prerequisite for heat press printing. In a heat press, a machine print designs on plastic bags using heat and pressure. 

Plastic Bag Printing at BagBarn

BagBarn manufactures a wide range of plastic products varying in materials, sizes, shapes, and applications. In addition, we offer plastic bag printing of up to 6 colors with random repeat.

You can customize your printed plastic bag using the following applications:

  • Layflat bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Wicketed bags
  • Staple packs
  • Poly tubing
  • Centerfold
  • Die cut
  • Fold over
  • Patch handle
  • T-Saks
  • Draw tape
  • Single wound
  • Lip ‘n Tape
  • Bags on rolls
  • Auto style
  • Header bags
  • Trash liners
  • Tamper evident
  • Paper shoppers
  • Euro style
  • Non-woven
  • Jute shoppers
  • Canvas bags
  • Vacuum pouches

Get the Best Quality Printed Plastic Bags for Your Business

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