Plastic bags are typical packaging or shipping resources used to store, transport, or secure various goods and merchandise. Although plastic bags come in different types, poly bags are one of the most popular due to their proven durability and flexibility, which make them fit for many applications.

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What Are Poly Bags?

Poly bags are the most common type of plastic packaging material used worldwide. They are generally transparent plastic bags made from polyethylene, one of the most frequently used plastics in modern-day manufacturing.

Polyethylene was introduced to the market during the first industrial revolution, but it was only in the 1950s when it was turned into the poly bags we use today. Poly bags have become popular over the years because they are sturdy, inexpensive, and very useful packaging materials with varying weight-bearing capacities.

What are the Types of Materials Used for Poly Bags?

Poly bag production involves precise and scientifically engineered processes using resin plastic pellets that undergo heating and extruding to create poly bags. The type of resin used for production determines the poly bag’s durability, weight, and thickness.

There are four common types of polyethylene used to manufacture poly bags:

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High-density polyethylene is the most used polymer material. HDPE produces lightweight, sturdy, and nearly opaque poly bags that manufacture products like shampoo bottles, grocery bags, recycling bins, pipe systems, and chemical containers.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

This poly material is the polymerization of ethylene. Compared to HDPE, LDPE has lower tensile strength, and a lower melting point, making it ideal for heat-sealing bags. Food packaging, covering clothes for dry cleaners, and plastic computer components are some finished products of LDPE.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

Linear low-density polyethylene is the blended form of LDPE but is more flexible, softer, pliable, and has greater tensile strength. It is known for its ability to endure heavy impact without getting punctures or tears. It is commonly used to create plastic wraps, stretch wraps, pipes, buckets, and containers.

Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

This type of poly material is a variation between HDPE and LDPE. Although it has a lower tolerance to chemical exposure than HDPE, it can be easily stretched and is shock-resistant. MDPE is used to manufacture lamination films, ice boxes, and other household consumer products.

What are the Processes of Making Poly Bags?

Poly bag manufacturers rely on heating and extruding to make poly bags. Here are the common step-by-step process of making poly bags:

Extraction of Raw Materials

Manufacturers draw polyethylene from hydrocarbons in refined oil or cracked natural gas. Hydrocarbons are commonly located underground. Hence, they are reached and extracted by drilling wells in the ground.

Journey to the Refinery

The processing of raw materials comes after the extraction. Producers withdraw oil from natural gas in the refinery to separate the pure polyethylene chain. Then, resin pellets are produced by applying pressure and heat to the raw materials. A shifting amount of heat and pressure makes a variety of resin pellets with different densities, which may be used to create diverse types of poly bags.

Extrusion and Inflation

Resin pellets are fed to an extruder, a screw-like machinery with a loading hopper at one end, and a shaping die that sits at the other end. When resin pellets enter the hopper, the screw turns, and the pellets slowly drop to the barrel, and the melting process begins.

When the molten pellets reach the extruder’s tube-shaped die, the hot resin is blown upward to create a thin, long balloon of malleable plastic film.

Cooling Tower

The melted resin is inflated depending on the desired shape, size, and thickness. Once fully stretched, it is set aside inside the cooling tower. As the film cools down, it extends to the tower’s wall and reaches the rollers.

Nip Rollers and Rolling Film

The inflated plastic film is flattened using nip rollers in preparation for the rolling process. Once the film has been compressed, it is spun into a massive roll of plastic. It is from these rolls that the poly bags will be printed, formed, cut, and sealed.

Printing and Cutting

Poly bags’ various sizes, shapes, and forms are determined during the printing and cutting. Poly bags are processed into printing using ultraviolet light, re-rolled, and cut depending on the desired design, shape, and thickness.

Benefits of Using Poly Bags

Since its introduction to the market, poly bags have replaced many alternative packaging options like corrugated boxes. Aside from their pliability and resistance to chemicals, poly bags are also a cheaper packaging choice. Here are some of the benefits of using poly bags:


Poly bags are the common packaging choice in many industries because they are affordable, easy to process, and have faster production time than paper alternatives. Since it only takes a shorter time to generate, it is ideal for mass production at a low cost.


Poly bags are prominent for their durability. Polyethylene offers a protective barrier against moisture and other external influences that may damage the content inside the packaging, and this results in well-preserved goods or merchandise. Poly bags are also tear-resistant and leak-proof, ideal for packaging goods like clothes, food, and other items.


Manufacturers can produce a variety of shapes and sizes out of polyethylene. Also, branding details or logos can be printed on poly bags, making it an ideal way to advertise any product.

Subsequently, poly bags can also have customizable sealing and handling features. For instance, some poly bags have gussets that allow for carrying larger items. Others have handles and holes for hanging purposes, and some poly bags have self-sealing strips and zippers.


Poly bags only need a little storage space because they are lightweight and easier to transport and distribute than paper packaging and corrugated boxes.


Poly bags can be easily recycled by reusing them for different purposes or as a material for hand-crafted products like planters, plastic beads, plastic lamps, rugs, and much more. Poly bags also generate 80% less solid waste than paper containers and take less energy to produce.

Top-Tier Poly Bag Products From BagBarn

Poly bags have been a popular choice for storing, packing, or transporting various goods ranging from food to clothing or other merchandise. Many businesses choose poly bags for their packaging material because they are durable, versatile, recyclable, and affordable.

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BagBarn offers many distinctive poly bag products, such as:

  • 4 mil poly bags
  • 6 mil poly bags
  • Anti-static bags
  • Auto-style bags on rolls
  • Bag dispensers
  • Bags on rolls
  • Can liners
  • Closures
  • Construction and agricultural sheeting
  • Drum and barrel liners
  • Food service bags
  • Furniture bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Garment bags
  • Gusseted LDPE bags
  • Layflat bags
  • LDPE bags on rolls
  • Literature for hanger bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Newspaper bags
  • Palletizing bags and sheeting
  • Poly tubing
  • Polypropylene bags
  • Postal approved bags
  • Reclosable bags
  • Shipping bags and mailers
  • Shrink film
  • Stand up pouches
  • Static control products
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Wicketed polypropylene bags
  • Zip top bags

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